Why Feel Good, Dress Better?

When it comes to getting dressed, there are a lot of opinions out there about the “right” way to do it. In my opinion, that’s all a bunch of noise and what really matters is how you feel.

Things that don't make getting dressed easier:

  • Overlooking your lifestyle
  • Neglecting your needs
  • Dismissing your preferences

Things that do make getting dressed easier:

  • Identifying what you like
  • Discovering what your closet is missing
  • Getting in tune with how you feel in your clothes

Feel Good, Dress Better is about training your intuition. Fashion can feel like a big secret or an exclusive club, but it’s available to everyone -- even you! The purpose of this course is to help you learn to articulate your feelings about what you wear, to identify your personal style, and to recognize your closet needs. With these tools, putting together outfits and shopping for new ones becomes intuitive, and then you’re in on that club of well-dressed people that felt so exclusive before!

When you’re in tune with how you feel in your clothes, you can use them as a powerful tool instead of letting them control you. As much as clothes give outsiders an impression of who we are, they also provide us with a sense of who we want to be. We hope that our outfits make people take us seriously, make someone fall in love with us, make us feel confident enough to go for what we want, make us happier when sometimes life doesn’t feel that way. By listening to your intuition when making choices about what to wear, you’re sending a message to yourself and the rest of the world about the person you want to be that day.

This course is for you if:

  • You’ve ever stood in your closet full of clothes and felt like you had nothing to wear
  • You've felt overwhelmed by shopping because fashion seemed out of reach
  • You weren’t sure which clothes you were supposed to buy
  • You’ve made a lifestyle change or gone through a transition in your life and your clothes no longer fit who you are or what you need
  • You’ve struggled to feel put-together in your clothes or wondered if you even had a personal style

What you won’t find in this course is a bunch of rules about what your closet should look like or how you should get dressed. What you will find is that you had the answers to feeling good and dressing better all along -- because the answers literally depend on what's true for you!

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